"Sepulchure. An old foe."


Sepulchure, the Doomed.

Sepulchure is the fifth challenge on the Unfortunate Souls Challenges board. He appears alongside Caitiff in Failed Doom.


All of Sepulchure's attacks deal Evil damage.

  1. 'You will burn! 'I command it!'' Sepulchure blasts his target, dealing 5 hits of Evil Melee damage.
    • Inflicts 'Leech' for 10 turns, a 25-50 Evil Mana DoT.
  2. 'Cease your squirming! 'Just surrender!" Sepulchure jumps and slams his target, dealing 2 hits of Evil Melee damage.
    • Inflicts 'Crushed', a 3-turn stun.
  3. 'The Darkness will consume you.' Sepulchure encases his target in a bubble of doom, dealing 1 hit of Evil Melee damage.
    • Inflicts 'Blind' for 3 turns
      • Bonus to Hit -50.
  4. 'Break! Break! 'Shatter!'' Sepulchure slashes his target, dealing 3 hits of Evil Melee damage.
  5. ''You cannot fight the shadows.' I know that more than anyone.' Sepulchure laughs, dealing 1 hit of Evil Melee damage.
    • Inflicts 'Taunted' for 2 turns
      • Boost -50%.
  6. Sepulchure slashes his target, dealing 3 hits of Evil Melee damage.
  7. 'Your life will fuel me! 'Abandon hope!'' Sepulchure attacks, dealing 1 hit of Evil Melee damage.
    • Applies 'Necrotic Warmth' for 5 turns, a 2.5% HoT (severely reduced by All resist).


  • Sepulchure's normal attack rotation is 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 -> 6 -> repeat.
  • If his HP is below 50%, Sepulchure will use Attack 7 instead of Attack 3.


  • Sepulchure's damage increases by 1% each turn.
  • At the start of each of his turns, Sepulchure applies 'Resilience' for 99 turns, increasing his All resistance and decreasing his Health resistance by (94 - % of remaining HP), effectively capping at 99 All when including his base 5 All resistance.
  • While affected by 'Scanned' from Stan the ScanOrb, at the start of every turn Sepulchure automatically applies 'Unscannable' for 100 turns.
    • All resistance +15.
  • If using DoomKnight, Sepulchure attacks with +1900% damage on every attack.
    • 'I own you.'
  • If inflicting normal damage with an element that Sepulchure has any negative resistance in (even if it is overriden by his +All resistance), he will heal 110% of the damage from the attack instead. DoTs are unaffected.
    • 'You'll have to do better than that'.
    • Sepulchure will by default heal roughly equal to 5% of the damage dealt in this way.
      • Increasing Sepulchure's Health resist will actually allow you to still deal some normal damage while in this state.
  • Sepulchure deals more damage as the fight goes on.
    • After 150 turns, Sepulchure's damage is increased 20x.
    • 'I've had enough of your insolence.'


  • All: 5+X (increased by Resilience)
  • Health: 5-X (always equal to his All resistance -5)
  • Shrink: 200
  • Immobility: 100

Notes and Guides

  • Sepulchure's race is Human.
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