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There are multiple game mechanics that are required knowledge for endgame play.

Main Stats

Strength (STR)

  • Mainstat for Melee attacks.
  • Increases base damage of Melee hits by STR/10, rounding down.
  • Increases damage of all non-critical hits and glancing critical hits by (STR/10)% (+20% at 200 STR).

Dexterity (DEX)

  • Mainstat for Pierce attacks.
  • Increases base damage of Pierce hits by DEX/10, rounding down.
  • Increases damage of all hits by (DEX/40)% (+5% at 200 DEX).
    • This damage bonus is multiplicative on top of STR/INT, not additive.
  • Increases DoT damage by (DEX/4)% (+50% at 200 DEX), capped at 400 DEX (+100%).

Intellect (INT)

  • Mainstat for Magic attacks
  • Increases base damage of Magic hits by INT/10, rounding down.
  • Increases damage of all critical hits by (INT/10)%, additive (+0.2x critical damage at 200 INT).
    • Most classes have a base critical hit modifier of 1.75x, increased to 1.95x with 200 INT.

Charisma (CHA)

  • Increases base damage of pets and guests by CHA/10, rounding down.
  • Increases EXP and Gold gains by (CHA * 3/40 * [Number of Guests])%, capped at +30%.
    • Increase stacks additively with the default EXP/Gold penalty (-10% per Guest).
    • The maximum increase after penalty is 10% with 2 guests and at 400 CHA, 20% with one guest.
  • Increases proc rate and strength of various pet abilities, such as your pet Dragon.

Luck (LUK)

  • Increases Crit by LUK/10, rounding down (+20 at 200 LUK).
  • Increases Melee/Pierce/Magic by LUK/20, rounding down (+10 at 200 LUK).

Endurance (END)

  • Increases maximum HP by END * 5.
  • (Player only) Increases Immobility resistance by END/5, rounding down (+40 at 200 END).

Wisdom (WIS)

  • Increases maximum MP by WIS * 5.
  • Increases Bonus by WIS/10, rounding down (+20 at 200 WIS).
  • Decreases Health resistance by WIS/20, rounding down (-10 at 200 WIS).

Secondary Stats

Defensive stats are split between avoidance and defense.

Melee/Pierce/Magic Defense (Avoidance/Avd/MPM)

  • Completely avoids damage
  • Prevents on-hit effects
  • Rolls out of 151
  • Counteracted by Bonus

Block/Parry/Dodge (Defense/Def/BPD)

  • Results in Glancing Blows
    • Damage is reduced to 10%
    • Prevents on-hit effects, including both ones inflicted on the target and ones that apply to the user
    • Glancing critical hit bonus damage is calculated using STR instead of INT
  • Rolls out of 151
  • Counteracted by Bonus
  • Turns Critical Hits into regular hits

Bonus (Bonus to Hit/BtH)

  • Increases chance to hit the target
  • Counteracts defensive stats (MPM, BPD)
  • If the target's Avoidance is 151 higher than the attacker's Bonus, attacks will always miss.

Boost (PowerBoost)

  • Increases damage percentage
  • -100% Boost or greater is capped at dealing 0 damage.
  • On-attack specials (e.g., Vanilla Ice Katana) are unaffected by the player's Boost (either positive or negative).

Critical Hit Chance (Crit)

  • Rolls out of 0-200 inclusive
  • Crit gained from items is capped at 100 (50%), including the 5 Crit that comes with virtually all classes
  • Converted to regular hits by Block/Parry/Dodge

Critical Modifier

  • Critical hits normally multiply damage by 1.75x.
    • The following classes have a higher than normal base critical modifier:
      • Chaosweaver has a base modifier of 1.85x.
      • Cryptic has a base modifier of 2.00x.
      • Ninja has a base modifier of 2.25x.
      • Ranger can increase its base modifier up to 3.00x.
  • INT increases critical multiplier by (INT/10) additively (+0.2x critical damage at 200 INT).
  • Lucky Hammer and Thorn Replica increases critical modifier by +0.1x and +0.05x respectively.


All Resistance

  • Reduces damage from all sources (including healing), except Null.
    • Also reduces stun and shrink chance.

Elemental Resistances

  • Reduces damage from the appropriate element by (Eleres)%.
    • Negative resistance results in increased damage (-100 = +100% damage).
  • Elemental resistance (not Health or Immobility) has multiple layers of caps for the player:
    • Resistance + All provided from equipment is hardcapped at 80.
    • Resistance + All + Buffs are instead hardcapped at 99.
    • If the player's combined Resistance + All exceeds 80, debuffs that affect resistance act as if the player's total resistance were 80.
    • For example, if the player has 75 Fire resistance and 10 All resistance from their equipment:
      • Their resistance would exceed the hardcap, and would instead take damage as if they had 80 Fire resistance.
      • If the player were to receive a -10 Fire debuff, instead of 75 effective Fire resistance, you will have 70 effective Fire resistance.
      • If the player were to gain a +100 Fire buff while the debuff was active, they would gain a net 90 Fire, resulting in 99 effective Fire resistance.
  • Health resistance is hardcapped at 99, and Health resistance from gear does not have the 80 cap.
  • Immobility resistance has no cap.
  • Monsters have no elemental resistance caps.
    • >100 resistance will result in attacks of those elements healing the monster.
    • >100 Health + All will result in heals only healing for 1 HP.


  • Affects HP healing unless otherwise stated.
    • Positive resistance results in reduced healing.
  • For players, Health + All resistance is capped at 99.
    • In addition, players lose Health resistance equal to [WIS/20], resulting in increased healing.
  • For monsters, having over 100 Health + All results in all heals healing for only 1 HP.
    • However, if they have over 100 Health + All, they will take damage from HoTs.


  • Direct MP heals (potions, skills, weapon specials) are unaffected by Health or All.
    • Mana DoTs and HoTs are affected by elemental resistance as normal.
    • Many Mana HoTs do Health damage, and consequently scale off Health + All resistance.
  • Successful Block/Parry/Dodge against an MP-damaging attack results in 0 damage.


  • Reduces chance of successful stun by (Immobility + All)%.
    • At 0 Immobility or less, stuns will always be inflicted.
    • At 100 Immobility or more, stuns will never be inflicted.
  • Successful stuns will display a message.
    • [Target] is afflicted with [Stun name]!
  • Players have additional mechanics related to Immobility:
    • Players gain Immobility equal to [END/5].
    • Players have a 66% chance of ignoring a turn of stun.
      • [Player] is not affected by [Stun]!


  • Reduces chance of successful shrink, separate from the existing shrink roll.
  • Only sources of Shrink are from Prince/King/Emperor Linus.
  • No penalty for >100 resistance.


  • Enemy-exclusive element.
  • Ignores All resistance, positive or negative.
  • Can only be resisted with explicit Null resistance.
    • Currently Necromancer is the only class that can gain any Null resistance.

Weapon Specials

Certain weapons have effects tied to them. See their dedicated page for details!

Combat Mechanics

Turn Order

The following order is used in battle:

  1. Player
  2. Pet
  3. Guest A
  4. Guest B
  5. Monster 1
  6. Monster 2
  7. Monster 3
  8. Monster 4


Pets will act automatically by default, targeting the last monster the player targeted. Pet base damage is increased by CHA/10, rounding down.

  • Pets can be manually controlled by checking the "Manual Pet Actions" setting in the Options menu. This setting cannot be changed during combat.
  • In order to discourage juggling multiple pets, pets equipped during battle cannot act on their next turn.
  • Pets equipped outside of battle are unaffected by this restriction.
    • "[Pet] is immobilized by Waking Up!"
  • All pets gain [Level / 2 + 10] Bonus on their attacks (+55 at level 90).
    • Kid Dragon gains an additional 10 Bonus (+65 at level 90).


Guests offer ways to deal additional damage, get extra effects to help in battle, and take hits in the player's stead. Guest base damage is increased by CHA/10, rounding down.

  • Guests are banned from all Inn Challenges.
  • Each guest comes with a -10% penalty on Gold and XP gained, counteracted by CHA (see above).
  • Monsters will randomly target a different party member every turn.
  • Monsters will gain +60% base damage per guest in the party (additive).
  • Guests reduced to 0 HP are removed from the party at the end of the fight.
  • All guests' HP and MP scale to player level (80 + level * 20 HP, 95 + level * 5 MP), but do not gain any extra HP/MP from the player's END/WIS.

Effect Duration

Effects on a target count down by 1 at the start of a turn, whether or not they are stunned. This -1 duration is applied before the game checks what each effect does. This means that classes that have 3-turn stuns will have them say "4 turns remaining" if examined while on a Pet's turn. However, it will really only stun for 3 actions, not 4. Most effects will work on the turn that they are applied or inflicted. This means that effects that change resistances and deal multiple hits will usually affect subsequent hits on that turn. Effects that last for 2 turns will really only last for that turn and the following turn.

For example, the Simulacrum of Kathool's Attack 1 deals 3 hits of damage to its target and inflicts 'Inked' for 2 turns, reducing All resist by -50. If Inked is inflicted on the first hit, the next two hits will deal extra damage as a result of the debuff. Any monsters that act on the same turn after Kathool will also deal extra damage. Inked will still reduce resistances on the following 1 turn only.

  • All debuffs with hitcheck always work in the same way as the Simulacrum of Kathool.
  • Some effects without hitcheck (and buffs with hitcheck) only work starting on the following turn. This is due to differences in how various effects were coded by different programmers, and there is currently no consistent way to predetermine which effects work this way and which work normally.
  • Strangely, weapons like the Ice Scythe's -30 Ice resistance and Sciuridaehotep's damage reflection will apply immediately on the hit with the effect. Future documentation may be available on both these topics.
  • For effects that work the turn applied, refreshing the effect before it expires will set the duration of the effect to its original duration + 1. This does not apply to stuns or DoTs.
    • For example, if The Unraveler applies 'Dream Terror' for 10 turns, and then applies 'Dream Terror' again before the effect expires, 'Dream Terror' will have an active duration of 11 turns (including the turn it recasts 'Dream Terror').

Effects that are applied to multiple targets, such as Glaisaurus's 'Dragon Roar', will share a counter among all targets, meaning that only 16 total turns will be buffed, regardless of how many targets have the effect.

Hit Chance

Attacks are calculated by rolling a number between 0 and 150 inclusive.

  • Avoidance and Defense are rolled separately. Avoidance is rolled first. If the hit passes the Avoidance roll, Defense is then rolled.
  • The attacker's roll is increased by their Bonus value and decreased by the defender's appropriate Avoidance/Defense stats between Melee/Block, Pierce/Parry, and Magic/Dodge, depending on the damage type. If the final value is positive, the hit is successful. Otherwise, the hit either misses or glances, depending on which roll was failed.
  • If the target's avoidance is 151 higher than the attacker's Bonus, they will always miss.
  • An attack usually has to hit at least once in order to inflict its effect(s).
    • Some effects are inflicted regardless of whether or not the attack hits or misses, such as Ezrajal's Celestial Blind. On monster pages, these effects are described as automatically inflicting. Effects that are automatically inflicted are inflicted before damage calculations.
      • Similarly, there are certain classes such as DoomKnight that can stun regardless of the target's Immobility resistance. On their pages, these stuns will also be described as automatically inflicting.
    • Some effects require hitting the target to apply an effect to the attacker, such as Reaver's status purge granting it Reaver's Cloak. This is rare for both classes and monsters.


Most classes and some monsters are able to inflict stuns. Stuns are checked against Immobility + All resistance.

  • Stuns completely forfeit the turn, only reducing effect durations and player skill cooldowns as normal.
  • Monsters with rotations will continue where they left off.
  • Monsters with pseudo-cooldowns do not have their cooldowns reduced.
  • If a player is stunned, there is a 2 in 3 chance to ignore the stun for that turn, being able to act normally as a result.

There are three categories of stuns: on-hit stuns, auto stuns, and chance stuns.

On-Hit Stuns

  • The vast majority of stuns in the game are on-hit, which is the primary method in which stuns roll against Immobility + All resistance. The attack must connect at least once without being resisted, and doing so inflicts the full stun duration.
  • On-hit stuns are calculated by rolling a number between 1 and 100 inclusive per hit.
    • If the number rolled is greater than the target's Immobility + All resistance, the stun is successfully inflicted.
    • As the chance to stun is rolled per hit, multihit stuns have a higher overall chance of successfully stunning.
  • All monster stuns are on-hit stuns.
  • Some skills may not inflict damage, but will still require an Immobility roll.
    • Indecent Proposal
  • Some on-hit stuns only have a chance to attempt to stun.
    • Medewwsa's Head trinket (50%)
    • BOOM-Voice Brew trinket (1%)

Auto Stuns

  • Some classes have stuns that bypass both hit check and Immobility resistance, always stunning monsters regardless of what happens.
    • SnugglePanda - Don't Say No
    • Necromancer - Inspire Terror
      • Inspire Terror only has an 85% chance to autostun; if it fails, it increases their Boost for 1 turn.

Chance Stuns

  • Chance stuns are stuns that can trigger on any turn that the applicable effect is active. They bypass Immobility resistance and are characterized by a short pause preceding the affected target's turn if the stun fails for that turn.

Monster Anti-Stun Mechanics

Some monsters have anti-stun mechanics that are not related to Immobility.

Stun Removal

Some monsters do not use Immobility to resist stuns; instead, if they take direct damage while stunned, they automatically remove all stuns.

  • As most stuns are on-hit, this effectively makes these monsters stun immune.
  • As auto stuns ignore hitcheck, it is possible to stun these monsters by intentionally missing.
  • Chance stuns work normally.

Some monsters will apply 'Unshakeable' to themselves for the rest of the battle after being stunned, becoming immune to all future on-hit stuns.

  • +300 Immobility.


Some pets are able to Shrink the target (Linus pets). Shrink is checked against Shrink + All resistance.

  • Shrink reduces a monster's size, removes 10% of their current HP (regardless of resistances), and reduces their maximum HP by 10%.
  • Monsters can only be shrunk once in a fight.

Damage over Time (DoT)

Damage over Time are a category of effect that inflicts damage to a target before their turn begins, that cannot miss but does not crit. Damage over Time is normally based on the true damage range of the equipped weapon (without stat damage) However, some DoTs (such as Epoch's Laser Blades) do benefit from stat damage, and use the following formula to determine stat damage:

In addition, all DoTs have their final damage increased further by +(DEX/4)%, capped at +100% at 400+ DEX.

Heal over Time (HoT) effects effectively are DoTs that deal Health element damage, healing instead of dealing damage. DoTs inflicted on enemies with 100+ resistance will also appear as Health instead of their original element. Unlike DoTs, HoTs will not have their healing increased by DEX.

Locked Skills

Some classes have skills that are locked behind certain conditions. There are several categories of how these skills are locked and how to unlock them.

  • Skill requires the last hit of your last attack to have connected
    • Will be locked if you attack again and miss/get blocked.
    • Will remain available if a non-attack action is used.
  • Skill requires another skill to connect to unlock
    • Will be locked if you attack with a different skill, regardless of hitting or missing.
    • Will remain available if a non-attack action is used.
    • Exception: Only the first attack in Epoch's Combo requires the last hit to connect. Attacks 2 and 3 only require Epoch Combo to have been used as the previous attack.
  • Skill requires active effect
  • Skill requires fulfilled stat criteria
    • Requires current Health to be a certain percentage of maximum HP.
    • Skills will re-lock if the criteria is no longer met
  • Charge Time Skills
    • Will automatically be on cooldown at the start of combat.
      • This cooldown is not the actual cooldown of the skill; it is a delay before it can be first used.
    • Pyromancer - Rebirth
    • Underworld Epoch - Timeshift
  • Change-Charged Skills

This is not a comprehensive list; merely examples.

Obscure Combat Mechanics

Base Damage Cap

The base damage of player, pet, and guest damage is subject to a damage cap:

This cap is calculated after factoring in mainstats and racial weapon specials.

  • Other modifiers to damage such as Boost, Resistances, or Crits are applied as usual.
  • At level 90, the global damage cap is 948. This is most noticeable when using Chi Bomb.

Extra Damage

Some classes deal increased damage on skills when certain conditions are met. These generally don't boost trinkets and on-attack specials.

Base Damage

Some classes increase the damage of every hit of a skill by a flat amount. Attacks that deal multiple hits will thus gain significantly more damage. Within the wiki, these increases are called Base Damage.

  • For example, with +10% Base Damage, 5 hits of 20% (100% total) becomes 5 hits of 30% (150% total), while 1 hit of 100% becomes 1 hit of 110%.

The following classes gain Base Damage:

  • Ascendant gains +5-25% damage per hit based on stacks of Ageisk - The Lost Chapter.
  • Pirate and Dread Pirate gain +20% damage per hit on all attacks besides the multi if the target's Bonus is below 0.
  • Ranger gains +5% damage per hit if STR or DEX exceed your INT.
    • Ranger instead gains +15% damage per hit if STR and DEX both exceed your INT and are within ceil(level/10) of each other.
  • Riftwalker gains +10-50% damage per hit based on stacks of Rift Cutter.
Total Damage

Some classes increase the overall damage of a skill by a flat amount, distributed evenly across the number of hits it contains. Regardless of how many hits a skill would do, the damage boost is the same for all skills. Within the wiki, these increases are called Total Damage.

  • For example, with +10% Total Damage, 5 hits of 20% (100% total) becomes 5 hits of 22% (110% total), while 1 hit of 100% becomes 1 hit of 110%.

The following classes gain Total Damage:

  • DeathKnight gains +60% total damage in Consuming Presence.
    • Consuming Presence can provide even more Total Damage depending on which Deathknight Relics are equipped, up to an additional +40% Total Damage (+100% total).
  • Patient and Bulwark DragonLords both gain 5% total damage each round of combat, capping at 125% Total Damage after 25 turns.
  • Pyromancer gains +5% total damage if INT or DEX exceed your STR.
    • This is replaced by +15% total damage if INT and DEX both exceed your STR and are within ceil(level/10) of each other.
    • Pyromancer also gains +75% total damage once it has built 5 stacks of Magefire.
      • This is replaced by +150% total damage while 'Devouring Magefire' is active (up to a total of +165% total damage, factoring in the DEX/INT bonus).
  • Technomancer gains +2% total damage for every 1% of missing MP, capped at +200% total damage at 0% MP.

Extra Actions

Some classes can make multiple actions in a single turn. The way this works is that all of the class's skills have a function that grants an additional turn based on a condition being met. While skill cooldowns will decrease by 1 per additional action, effect durations remain unchanged for all targets.

  • Archivist can make 5 additional actions after using Ultimate Orb Creation.
  • Avatar of Time can make 1 additional action after using Orb of Time or Temporal Reset.
  • Chaosweaver can make 1 additional action after consuming 1 Soulthread to empower Soul Gambit.
  • Chronomancer and Chronocorruptor can make 1 additional action after using Blink.
  • ChronoZ can make 2 additional actions after using Blink Forward.
  • DeathKnight can make 1 additional action after using Necrotic Shift.
  • Epoch can gain 1 additional action per turn, but the method depends on which artifact it has equipped, or has no artifact equipped at all:
    • Base Epoch and Eternal Epoch consumes all Momentum on using Timeshift, gaining 1 additional action for each Momentum consumed (9 or 12 max).
    • Corrupted Doom Epoch only consumes up to 6 momentum per Timeshift, meaning it can only get up to 6 turns of additional actions.
    • Underworld Epoch instead gains 1 additional action per turn passively if it starts a turn with at least 5 Momentum, but gains stacking debuffs whenever one is gained.
    • Dragonbyte Epoch instead starts each battle with 1 additional action for 2 turns, and can gain 4 turns of additional actions after using Hack.
  • Pyromancer can make 1 additional action after using Conflagration.
  • Ranger can make 1 additional action each turn as long as Focus is 5.
  • ShadowWalker of Time can make 1 additional action after using Antumbra or Umbra.

However, extra actions have small nuances that must be taken into account:

  • Using a Trinket skill, a potion, or an On-Attack special will delay your extra actions by one turn.
    • This means that for all Epochs (except Underworld Epoch), they will always have their full amount of extra actions.
    • For Archivist, using a Trinket skill will consume one of the extra turns granted by Ultimate Orb Creation.
      • As using a potion delays the extra actions for Archivist, with enough potions it is possible to use Ultimate Orb Creation a second time without using any extra actions, to gain 10 extra actions in one turn.
        • This same interaction can be used with Dragonbyte Epoch to gain extra turns from a second use of Hack for a longer set of uninterrupted extra actions.
    • For ChronoZ, using any of the above will consume an extra action granted by Blink, while delaying the second extra action (if available) by one turn.
    • For Ranger, using a potion or trinket as the second action will consume the extra action for their next turn.
  • Due to a bug, for Ranger, Archivist, and all Epochs, you will lose your extra action if the last enemy you damaged was defeated on your first turn.
    • For all other classes that can attack as their first turn, they get their extra action normally, but will not automatically change their target, requiring manual retargeting.

Regenerating Damage

Some monsters and classes are able to immediately regenerate HP based on direct damage taken.

  • When damage is dealt, it is first subtracted from HP and then immediately regained.
    • If a hit deals lethal damage, the target will simply die and regeneration will not trigger.
  • As this is internally treated as healing in most cases, All and Health resistance will affect regeneration values.
    • If an effect is applied that increases -Health (such as skills that lower All without also increasing health), the increased healing will apply before regeneration is applied, increasing health gained.
  • These effects only work on hits that pass both the Avoidance and Defense rolls.
    • Glancing blows will not trigger this effect.
  • Player-based regeneration effects are unaffected by Health resistance, unless otherwise specified.

The following classes have access to regeneration:

  • Ninja's Walk Within Shadows regenerates 25-50% of direct damage taken.
  • DoomKnight's Void Barrier regenerates 50% of direct damage taken.
    • Unlike other sources of player-based recovery effects, this is affected by Health resistance.
  • DragonLord variants' Earth Dragon Spirit regenerates 80% of damage taken on the first 2 turns, followed by 50% of damage taken for the next 2 turns.

The following monsters have access to regeneration:

  • While Archdryad Malydrys and Argus Skywatcher are both alive, they regenerate 100% of damage the other has taken.
  • Simulacrum of Kathool regenerates 200% of damage taken if the attacker is over 50% HP.
  • Sinnocence and Sinnocence the Undying regenerate 200% of damage dealt while an Doom or Destiny weapon is equipped.
  • Sepulchure regenerates 110% of damage taken by an element he has any negative resistance against, except All resistance.
    • He will still regenerate HP even if the damage element would still be positive after factoring in his All resistance.
  • Bound Terror regenerates 50% or 100% of damage taken if a character's MP is below 66% and 33% respectively.
  • Wrath regenerates 100% of damage from critical hits, including glancing criticals.
  • The Engineer has conditional regeneration, depending on the state of the drones:
    • If the Defense Drone is alive, it regenerates 100% of damage taken if the attacker is over 50% HP.
    • If the Offense Drone is alive, it regenerates 100% of damage taken if the attacker if below 50% HP.
    • This means if both drones are alive, it regenerates 100% of damage taken.
  • Pride regenerates 100% of damage taken if the attacker's status effect count is equal to or greater than Pride's Superiority.
  • Reaver regenerates a variable % of damage taken when taking more than 1 hit per turn, up to 100% on the 11th and subsequent hits.
  • Twisted Amalgam EX regenerates 85% of damage taken from critical hits, including glancing criticals.
  • Cryozen can make all monsters regenerate 25% of damage taken.
  • Mega Fluffy Tog regenerates 75% of damage taken while it is above 75% HP, and regenerates 100% of damage taken below 75% HP, ignoring Health and All.

Retaliating/Reflecting Damage

Some monsters and classes are able to indirectly deal damage to their attacker when they receive direct damage (damage is still taken). There are two categories: damage dealt based on the defender's damage range (retaliates), and damage dealt based on the damage taken (reflects). In both cases, attacker resistances are completely bypassed, and attackers cannot be reduced below 1 HP from retaliates or reflects. Additionally, a retaliate/reflect is only triggered if the target survives the hit.

Retaliating damage subtracts a flat amount of damage per hit, based on the caster's base damage range. This damage does work against Glancing Blows. Unless otherwise stated, all sources of retaliating damage deal half as much damage with each successive instance, until they are floored at 0 damage.

The following classes have access to retaliating damage:

  • Pirate's Backstab retaliates 200% of weapon damage range on the first hit each turn.
  • Mage's Thorny Shield retaliates 100% of weapon damage.
  • DragonMage's Thorny Shield retaliates 100% of weapon damage.
  • Ascendant's Thorny Shield retaliates 100% of weapon damage.
  • Pyromancer's Magma Bubble retaliates 50% of weapon damage.

The following monsters have access to retaliating damage:

  • Magester Mislav retaliates 100% of his true damage range while affected by 'Deflection Barrier'. This damage does not reduce.
  • Khasaanda retaliates 100% of her true damage range while affected by 'Foresight'.
  • Notha, Bane of Destiny retaliates 75 damage while affected by 'Celestial Rebuke'. This damage does not reduce.
  • Oratath retaliates 75% of its true damage, halving each time while affected by 'Holy Shield'.
  • Warlic retaliates 100% of his true damage range while affected by 'Flame Shield'. This damage does not reduce.
    • This is currently bugged, and instead use the attacker's damage range.

Reflecting damage subtracts HP from the opponent based on a percentage of the amount taken. This damage does not work with Glancing Blows.

The following classes have access to reflecting damage:

  • PumpkinLord's Bramble Shield reflects 25% of damage taken.
  • Evolved PumpkinLord's Bramble Shield reflects 100% damage of taken on the first turn, followed by 25% of damage taken for the next 4 turns.
  • DoomKnight's Void Barrier reflects 100% of damage taken, halving each time.

The following monsters have access to reflecting damage:

  • Sciuridaehotep reflects 150% of damage taken while stunned, and when taking over 3000 damage in one hit.
  • Lust passively reflects 50% of damage taken.
  • While attuned to Lust, Pandora and Pandora EX passively reflect 75% of damage.
  • Ayauhnqui reflects 75% of damage taken while affected by 'Hibernation'.
  • Illumina reflects 100% of damage taken by an element she has negative resistance to, or all damage if she has -All.
  • Drahr'Hatir reflects 100% of damage taken while affected by an 'Aura of Creation' that was applied while its scales were up.
  • While affected by 'Back Off', Xang (and Xing in Chaos Twins) reflect 100% of damage.
  • After enraging, Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich reflects 10% of damage take while affected by 'Corrupting Purpose'.


Some monsters and classes are able to prevent themselves from taking lethal damage from all direct damage.

This is handled mechanically by taking any hit damage that would equal or exceed remaining HP, and reducing it to current HP/2, rounded down, regardless of elemental resistances, eventually reducing HP to 1 and making all normal damage equal to 0. Although unofficially called 'Deathproof', the one way around this state is to use a DoT for the final blow.

The following classes have access to Deathproof:

  • Chaosweaver can become Deathproof for 2 or 3 turns, depending if Soul Aegis is enhanced or not.
  • DeathKnight can become Deathproof and also sets HP to 1 for 3 turns with The Edge of Death, after which it heals.
  • Wrath DragonLord can become Deathproof for 3 turns with an empowered Earth Dragon Spirit.

The following monsters have access to Deathproof:

Any hit that triggers Deathproof on an enemy provides a popup:

  • Your foe refuses to fall to your direct attack!
  • (There is no equivalent popup for when a deathproof player survives an otherwise lethal attack.)

Damage negation

Some monsters can negate damage without mechanically regenerating HP or gaining resistance. When certain conditions are met or failed to be met, monsters can directly reduce the amount of HP lost, making them immune to +Health tricks.

Some monsters only negate either direct damage or DoT damage when conditions are fulfilled:

  • Goose Dragon (Chaos) and Goose Dragon (Extreme) are conditionally immune to direct damage or DoTs if they are currently holding Potion/Blade of Awe or Sock/Ice Scythe respectively.
  • Khasaanda negates all direct damage received when triggering 'Foresight'.
  • The Adjudicator is conditionally immune to either direct damage or DoTs depending on what phase it is in.
  • Yalla negates all direct damage received, when her HP is between 50-40%, or when below 10%.

Some monsters are completely immune to damage when conditions are fulfilled:

  • Braytes San, the Heretic becomes immune to damage if the attacker is not affected by 'Lightsworn'.
  • Iadoa becomes immune to damage if any of his Visions are still active and direct damage is dealt while his health is below 10%.
  • Maximillian Lionfang becomes immune to damage once his health is below 10%.

Some monsters have "phases" to their fight, reached by reducing their HP to certain amounts. When hitting this threshold, they become immune to all damage until they act:


Some monsters will do different things after either being hit a certain number of times or losing a certain amount of HP. These can activate even if it is not the monster's turn.

  • Simulacrum of Uthuluc will lose its All resistance if it takes 4 critical hits over 4 turns since it last gained All resistance.
  • Frallmar, the Scourge of Frostval will lose its All resistance if it takes 8 hits of Fire damage since it last gained it.
  • Sloth will change heads and use a different attack based on how much damage was taken on its previous turn.
  • Roktoru will lose its All resistance if it takes 6 hits of Energy damage over 6 turns since it last regenerated its horns.
  • En or Tropy will automatically gain +200 Immobility if the other is stunned.
  • Drahr'Hatir will lose its All resistance if it takes more than 15 hits since it last gained it.
  • Drahr'Dolaas will lose its Boost% if it takes more than 1/6 of its maximum HP in direct damage since it last gained it.
  • Illumina will immediately fully heal once if her HP falls below 50%.
  • Yalla becomes immune to direct damage at 50% HP until 40%, and at 10% HP until defeated.
  • Nythera will change phases at 66/33% HP, setting her HP to 66/50%, and performing different attacks after each threshold.
  • Kitsune transforms at 80/60/40/20% HP after receiving direct damage, setting its health to those thresholds, purging all effects, and nullifying all damage for the rest of the turn.
  • Mega Fluffy Tog only takes 25% of direct damage until its hp falls below 75% HP, below which it negates 100% of direct damage.

Reactive Effects

Some monsters will automatically gain or lose effects after being hit a certain number of times since the monster last attacked.

This mechanic is sometimes referred to as a "When Shield", as Doctor When was the first monster to use it. Reactive effects can only be triggered once between a monster's attacks, meaning that stunning a monster (such as with Necromancer's Inspire Terror) and triggering its reactive shield will prevent it from reapplying its reactive shield for the remaining duration of the stun. However, this also means that if the monster is stunned but their reaction is not triggered on that stunned turn, they will "remember" the number of hits taken and will react earlier against the next attack(s).

  • Doctor When automatically applies +300 Melee/Pierce/Defense after being hit 2 times.
  • Drahr'Dolaas automatically applies +300 Melee/Pierce/Defense after being hit 4 times.
  • Illumina automatically applies +500 Melee/Pierce/Magic after being hit 4 times.
  • The AdventureFiend automatically applies +600 Melee/Pierce/Magic after being hit 2 times.
  • Yalla, the Arch-Druid gains +5 resistance for each hit of an element she receives as direct damage for 3 turns per element, capped at 200. This duration is refreshed if she receives further damage from those elements.

Monster Races

Although usually cosmetic and for flavor, certain classes, skills, and weapons have effects on certain races. Special Weapons features a list of items that have triggered effects against certain types.